¡Hola! Meet Las Fritas: the BUS Unlimited Solutions flagship.
Anyone who buys a portion of fritas from one of our four Airstream trailers could easily believe they are in sunny Spain. The illusion is not only based on the spicy freshly cut fries but also the various Mediterranean toppings: aioli (garlic mayonnaise), sauce andalouse, fried jalapeños or freshly shredded jamón serrano. Do you prefer mayonnaise or ketchup with your fries?
Las Fritas also serves the Belgian “patatje speciaal”!


We not only serve delicious fresh fries, we also prepare a wide range of authentic Mediterranean snacks: fresh sweet potato fritas and chorizo, gamba or mozzarella croquettes.

The buses are set up to maximize interaction with our customers.

This includes equipment where, at off-peak times, our visitors can cut their own fries. They can always see the whole potato go in and the fresh fries come out.


When something is made, something else is always left behind. We want to leave behind happy people and a clean environment. We work hard to ensure our business is as sustainable as possible. We buy our potatoes from De Aardappelboer, a local sustainable potato producer, and our delicious sauces from Oliehoorn. Their special ‘clean label’ mayonnaise is free from artificial colourings or flavourings. They use organic Rondeel eggs for their mayonnaise.

Our frying oven is energy-efficient, and we filter our fat to reduce the amount of waste we produce. We work exclusively with Natureko biodegradable disposables and have invested in solar panels to provide our own energy as of mid-2019.

We have even added a few additional solar panels to supply the electricity grid.

Our product range includes a 100% vegan version of Las Fritas. We only use high-quality vegetable oil, serve only vegan mayonnaise, ketchup and curry sauce and offer both vegan stewed meat and vegetable croquettes made by Oma Bobs.